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The Publishing Network You’ve Been Waiting For

You’re a writer. Maybe you already have a following, or maybe you’re just starting out. You need a publishing platform, but most of them exist primarily to make money from your work.

Notd is different

Here’s why:

The typical publishing platform makes money one of four ways:
  • Charging writers
  • Charging high subscription fees
  • Selling advertising
  • Selling subscriber data

Notd doesn’t do any of that. We’re ad-free and algorithm-free.In fact, we’re here to help you publish your content and earn revenue from it.

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Here’s how it works:


Create a free Notd account.


Write Notes (posts) on any topic. Add photos if you like.


Post Notes to your Stream as often as you want.


Charge readers whatever you want to subscribe, either monthly or annually.


Keep 90% of subscription revenue. Notd keeps 10% to maintain the network.

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That’s It!

How can we do this, you ask? As a public Benefit Corporation (like Patagonia and Kickstarter) we prioritize social and environmental values over shareholder returns. Notd gives the power back to the writers and readers — where it belongs.

So, don’t hold back! Create a free account and start posting today! Got questions? Check out our FAQs and drop us a line if you need help.