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Notd FAQs


What is a community stream?

In a regular stream, only the stream author can post notes. Subscribers can comment, but they are displayed separately from the notes. In a community stream, every subscriber is a member of the community, and can post notes and reply to or comment on them. It’s designed to let every member share information with each other.

Is anyone allowed to join a community stream?

Only if you make it public. You can keep a community stream private, so that only people who are invited can join. The person who creates the community stream gets to decide what kind of stream it is, and how much it costs to subscribe.

What is a team account?

A team account allows multiple writers to post notes to one stream. Kind of like a newspaper or magazine.

What are those grey buttons on the left side for?

There are several different classes of notes, and these buttons allow you to filter notes quickly to find the type of content you are looking for. Within a form you can also select a category. For example, maybe you are looking for news and not opinions, but you don't want to see all the news, just a specific subject. These buttons narrow searches quickly. Once you have discovered a favorite group of streams that you subscribe or follow, you can hide the buttons so they are only visible when you search for new streams or notes.

What personal data do you collect?

Well, we keep track of your subscriptions. If you publish a stream, we keep track of how much people are spending on your streams, and we have enough information so we can pay you (if you choose to not get paid, you don’t have to provide any of that information). We do not monitor any of your activity on our site, as we do not sell ads that could use that information, and the streams that we show you that you might be interested in are not based on your history, but rather what you are viewing at the time (or are just popular on our site). We really don’t know anything about you.

Are they ads on Notd?

We don’t sell ads, but we allow stream publishers to embed ads in their notes, mainly in the form of text or images. There are no video or audio ads in those stream.

We call the different classes of notes on the left side “forms”, and one of those forms is called “publicity”. At some point, Publicity streams will be free to subscribe, but the publishers of those streams will pay for every subscriber. That makes them essentially ads, except you have to actively sign up for them. These will be useful for keeping up to date on the latest information from companies you care about (if any).

Why can’t politicians have for-profit streams (ones that cost more than 2 cents per month)?

We don’t want to have to get involved in campaign finance laws, so we don’t allow anyone who holds or is running for public office to publish a stream they will make money from.

Can we share notes with non-subscribers?

If you share a link to a non-subscriber, they will just see the excerpt.

What is the difference between Display Name and User Name?

The username is used for people to post comments. The display name is used for authors of notes.

If the writer of a stream doesn’t want to be paid, why isn’t the stream free?

Somebody has to pay for servers and bandwidth and all the people who build and maintain Notd. We don’t have ads, so the cost is distributed among the readers, based on how much they read.

What is the difference between opinion and commentary?

Commentary is supposed to be “real time commentary”, meaning opinions on current events that just happened, but that doesn’t fit on the button, so it’s just commentary. Opinions is a much broader format, and would often be longer notes than commentary, which could be just a sentence or a paragraph.

Can I be notified when there are new notes on streams that I subscribe to?

At this time, we do not send out notifications via SMS or email, but if you are logged in to our website or the phone app, there is an indication of the number of new unread notes. We don’t send email or text messages because we’re guessing since you’re paying for subscriptions, you’re going to check your phone or computer anyway, and don’t need constant reminders when you’re doing something else.

What is the difference between following and subscribing to a stream?

You can read every note in a stream that you subscribe to. If you just follow a stream and don't subscribe to it, you can see the excerpts. This can be useful if you are considering a subscription. The list of followed streams automatically includes ones you subscribe to.

Can any note be tagged as news?

Sure, as long as it is actually news. Which means it can't be opinion or fabricated. If we determine either is the case, the note may be deleted or placed in a different form. Continued abuse of the “news” form will result in getting your account deleted.

Does Notd edit content?

We may change the form of a note if it is inappropriately tagged (for example, if we notice an opinion is tagged as news, we may change it to opinion), but we don't edit any notes.

For Reading

How do I pay for a subscription?

Subscriptions are paid for with your Transact account, which you use to log in. Your Notd account uses the same email address as your Transact account.

What information do I need to provide to just be a subscriber and not create any streams?

You just need a valid Transact account. You also need to follow our community standards if you want to comment on any notes or join a community stream.

After I subscribed to a stream, I decided I don’t like it. Can I get a refund?

No. There are no refunds. Maybe we will change this policy in the future, but for now, since most subscriptions are very inexpensive, it would cost more to cancel and process a refund than the refund. We suggest subscribing for just a month until you are sure you like a stream enough to subscribe for a year.

How to use podcast?

For more info how to add and use podcast on your app click here.

For Publishers

How do I write a stream? Does it cost anything?

Once you have created a Notd account (by logging in using your Transact account), click on “My Account” and then select Stream information, and click on “Create a Stream”. It costs nothing to create a stream and post notes to it. The people who read it have to pay for it.

Can I write more than one stream?


How much do people pay to subscribe to my streams?

That's up to you. The minimum price is two cents per month or twenty cents per year, but at that price, you do not receive any income.

Can each of my streams have different prices?

Yes, every stream has its own settings. Each stream must have at least a monthly or annual subscription rate, but must not have both.

Is there a limit to how much I can charge for a subscription?

No, but there is a limit to how much people will pay.

How much do I get from the subscription revenue?

You keep 90% of each subscription. Not'd Keeps 10% to maintain the site.

How do I see how much my streams have earned?

Click on “My Account” in the upper left corner, and select “Earnings”.

How do I get paid?

Click on “My Account” in the upper left corner and select “Earnings”, and from that page, click on “Transfer to Bank”. You will need to supply bank and tax information before the first transfer.

How do I annotate a note?

Within the note editor, you can select the text you want to annotate, and click "annotate" on the tool bar. Owners and debaters of a note can annotate an note while viewing it by selecting the text. The excerpt can not be annotated, only the main content which is viewable by subscribers.

How do I use the debate feature?

When writing a note, enable “Debate”, and add the username(s) of the people you want to debate. After the note is published, they will have the ability to reply to the thread created by that note.

How do I thread notes?

After a note is published, if you view it from your own account, click on “Reply to thread” to add a new note to that thread.

Why can’t I just upload a photo for a note and let it be used as a thumbnail for the excerpt?

We want to give photographers that might charge for their streams more flexibility in choosing a thumbnail for a note, as they may not want to give free access to non-subscribers.

Do I have to create a photo stream if I want to share photos?

No, you can post photos to any stream. The photography form is just to help people find notes specifically posted for their photos.

What is the limit on the size of photos?

There is a 10MB limit on the total size of photos in one note. We have to pay for storage and bandwidth, and hi-res photos consume more bandwidth and take longer to download, so since most photos are not displayed on really big screens, it's often a waste of time and money.

How do I upload notes?

Notd has a built-in text editor, where you can enter text separately for the excerpts of notes or the main content that people must subscribe in order to see. You can type directly in the text editors or copy and paste your notes from a word processor.

How do I add a caption to a photo?

After you upload a photo in the main content editor, click or tap anywhere on the image, and you can enter the caption below the photo.

Can anything be posted?

From our community guidelines: While we respect the right to free speech, we do not want to be a place where speech is used to incite hate or defame other people. You are free to create your own website where you can call people names and insult them and make up stories about them, but that's not why we created Notd. Criticism is acceptable, but personal attacks are not welcome.

Also, this isn't the place to sell porn.

And, we probably need to mention this often, you must have the right to publish content you are posting. Usually that means you are the copyright owner, but it also means you shouldn't be posting illegally obtained content.

You can read more in our Terms of Service.