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Read more about Tips For Publishing on Notd
Read more about Tips For Publishing on Notd
Tips For Publishing on Notd

Thank you for thinking about publishing on Notd! It's not always obvious how to use new networks or platforms, as designers don't like covering pages with instructions, especially when you have a bunch of unique new features. So here are some pointers about how to make your stream and notes get noticed.

1. Give it a good name and upload a stream thumbnail that people will see when they visit your stream page. Use enough characters in the stream description to describe what you're writing about – words in the description will help people (mainly the ones who are interested in the things your write about) discover your stream.

2. If you have just one good photo for each note, use it for the thumbnail photo for the note. This will help draw non-subscribers to check it out. Feel free to add more photos to the body of the note – we allow up to 10 Mbytes of images in each note, so you can use high-resolution photos that look great on computer screens.

3. Post free notes every now and then to let people check out your writing. If you're not interested in charging for your stream, then just set the price at 1 cent per month (and still make some notes free).

4. Use the Custom URL address feature for each stream and note, this makes it easier to link to it (and link to the note every time you publish, people have to find out about it).

5. Use as much of the excerpt space as you can, this is the trailer for your note when someone sees your stream page.

6. In My Account, choose a Display Name and a User Name. They can be the same, or different. The Display Name is the author of your stream – if you don't choose one, it will just be a string of numbers and it will be difficult for people to find or discover your notes. The User Name is what is displayed if you comment on someone else's Note.

7. If you cancel posting a note, it will show up in your stream. If you don't plan to finish it, delete it in the My Notes section of your account.

And, if something about using Notd is not clear, do not hesitate to contact us. We want Notd to be as simple as possible for writers and readers.

You can publish here, too - it's easy and free.