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Introducing Public Service Streams – Free for Anyone to Read

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Notd now lets any government agency, at any level, publish streams that will be free for anyone to subscribe. We are allowing these free streams as a public service, so that local, state, and federal governments can expand their audience when they need to provide important information. If you work for a government agency and want to publish a Public Service stream, read the rest of this post for the (simple) instructions). Notd streams allow for longer posts, higher resolution images, and no ads. Also, all of your posts will always be visible to all of your subscribers, as we do not use algorithms to determine what users see in their feeds.

In order to qualify for the PS stream, your account must use an email address that has a .gov or .mil domain. If you work for an agency that does not have one of those domains, contact us at about getting your stream approved.

Public Service streams can not be used for political or campaign purposes.

If your account is approved for public service streams, you will be able to set the subscription price to $0.00 per month and year. That's all you have to do. Use the default stream type, as it cannot be a private or community stream. We also suggest that you create a custom URL address for the stream so it makes it more recognizable and easier for people to link to. And don't forget to include a link to your website in your stream description.

Anyone with a Notd account can read all of the notes, even without proving any payment information. They only need to log into their Notd account.

We suggest you notify your constituents of the availability of your new Notd stream on other social networks, especially as more people start using social media less often. This has become more common, as twitter has changed their business model, and platforms operated by Meta are reducing their focus on promoting news and comments about news.

You can publish here, too - it's easy and free.