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The Postd network for monetizing short form video. And other digital media.

August 2, 2019

Postd is a new kind of public media network – while it was designed to monetize short form videos without ads, you can also charge for your audio streams and articles. Like at

There plenty of places to offer movies for rent, because you'll pay $3 or more to watch a 90-minute film. But what about a 5-minute video? Or even a 22 minute sitcom episode? If it's only worth 5 cents or even 50 cents, the credit card fee is too much.

So most short videos end up on YouTube, where creators hope to get an average of 0.003 cents per view. But they need to have a lot of subscribers to even qualify to get that paltry amount.

Only the biggest YouTube stars make money from their videos. And even then, you have no control over who advertises on your video. Also, there could be an ad in the middle of your video.

What's watching your video worth? Well, on an ad-funded network, you don't get to decide. Advertisers do.

On Postd, you set the price to watch your videos. And you keep 80% of the revenue. You can change the price whenever you want. It's your video, not ours.

There are no ads on Postd. And since people have to pay to watch a video or listen to a podcast or read an article, there will be less trolls and abuse.

Because there are no ads, people don't have to spend 90 seconds to watch a one-minute video.

Many publishers think networks like YouTube and Facebook, and even new ones like TikTok, are good for them, and can help them be profitable. Yes, they are good, as marketing tools, not distribution channels.

If you're a news publisher, you won't make any money putting your videos on YouTube. But local readers will pay for things like local sports and news videos on Postd.

If you're any kind of publisher and think you would like to try charging for individual articles, Postd lets you do that without changing your website. Just create an account (it might take five minutes) and start posting. You can learn what people value, and not have to guess all the time.