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Read more about Notd now supports Newsletters!
Read more about Notd now supports Newsletters!
Notd now supports Newsletters!

With one new feature, Notd has made publishing a newsletter as simple as clicking on "Post Now". By giving subscribers the option to receive newly published notes in email, any stream can be delivered just like a newsletter, with the added benefit of still being accessible to subscribers on the Notd public media network.

Just as with any other stream, publishers of newsletters on Notd can set a monthly or annual subscription price, of which they receive at least 80% of the revenue (90% of all subscriptions priced over $1). Notd does not insert any ads into the notes on Notd or ones sent via email, so publishers have full control over the content.

While the mobile-first design of the emailed notes enhances the preferred distribution method of newsletters, the Notd network makes it easier for publishers to attract new subscribers. Notd provides very powerful filters for readers (and listeners, as we also support podcast subscriptions) that mean we don't need algorithms to tell people what to read.

Notd publishers get to decide how much content they want to give away for free to non-subscribers, by placing free content in the excerpt section, or by offering a second stream for the minimum price of 2 cents per month. While technically not free, readers get $3 in free credit for signing up, so it can pay for a lot of 2 cent subscriptions.

Creating a Notd account only requires an email address, as no payment information is required until a reader uses up their free credit. There is no cost to publish a stream or newsletter.