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Looking For a Way to Monetize Your Podcasts Without Ads?

November 11, 2020

Offering a subscription to a podcast on Notd is easy, it's just like publishing any other stream. Instead of posting text or images, you just upload the audio file.

You just have to enable "enable audio":

Notd podcasts are compatible with Apple and Android devices. And like other posts on Notd, subscribers to your podcast stream can have them emailed to them, or they can listen right on

You set the price for a monthly or annual subscription to your stream (that's our name for a channel), so if you have different subjects you want to talk about, you can offer subscriptions for more than one stream. You keep 90% of the revenue generated by subscribers. We do not have ads on Notd, our only source of revenue is the 10% of subscription price we collect (we keep a minimum of one cent per month, in case you price your subscription below ten cents per month). You can set your price to whatever you want, and change it whenever you want.

Notd does not use algorithms to drive readers or listeners to suggested posts. instead we offer the filters on the left side of the page that make it easy to discover new streams of interest. The lack of ads and algorithms make for a far better reading or listening experience than the "free" networks.