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Read more about Thinking of publishing a newsletter?
Thinking of publishing a newsletter?

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A service that sends emails or displays one post at a time does not help anyone discover your newsletter. You must still market your work, and a newsletter service website that isn't a network is relatively useless for helping people discover you.

Also, a minimum price of $5 per month will deter all but the biggest fans from paying for a subscription. Only a fraction of a per cent of all newsletter publishers can generate significant revenue from a premium-priced subscription.

Individual newsletters can get buried in inboxes, and if people subscribe to multiple newsletters, it's even more likely that some won't get read (nor renewed).

Notd for Newsletters

Notd lets subscribers read posts on the web, in an app, or in their email. They get to decide how they want to read, and are more likely to discover new writers, as Notd is a public network. You are probably reading this on our website, but here's how a note looks in your email inbox:

Notd also lets you (the writer) set any price for a monthly or annual subscription (as low as one cent per month), and keeps only 10% with no additional credit card fees. If you think those fees add up when you charge $5/mo, well, they are even a bigger chunk of your revenue when you're charging $1 per month. But you don't pay them on Notd.

Notd for Blogs

There is no easier or less expensive way to publish a blog than Notd, especially if you want to charge for it. It costs nothing but a few minutes of your time, and you can charge any price for subscriptions (and keep 90% of the revenue). Notd has features 0you won't find on any other blogging platform – like real-time debates0 with anyone you invite teams, and you can even designate some notes to be free 0within a paid stream0. Do you know of any other platform that allows this kind of annotation0?

Notd Community Streams for Specific Interests

When you publish a Notd stream, only you (or someone on your team) can post notes on it. Any subscriber can comment, but comments are not the same as notes. So we also offer community streams, where every subscriber is a member and can post notes and comment. Whether it's about your profession, a hobby, sport, or even your neighborhood, you can create a community stream just as easy as any other stream (you only have to select 'Community” when starting it). You can make a community public, where anyone can subscribe, or private, where subscribers must be invited. There are no ads on community streams, just like the rest of Notd, so we don't share any content with third parties.

A Network Not Funded By Ads

Notd does not have ads, as our network is funded by readers, as we take a cut of all subscription revenue. Since we do not have ads, we also do not have any incentive to get people to see more ads, so we don't promote controversial posts that are often misinformation or hate. This is a big difference between Notd and most "free" public networks. Instead of algorithms that suggest content, we provide filters to help you discover what's interesting.

One other feature of notd that is useful: the ability to edit published notes. If there is an error in this note, we'll be able to correct it before too many people see it. And we're not limited to 280 characters.