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Read more about Writing Newsletters on Notd Is Simply Better
Read more about Writing Newsletters on Notd Is Simply Better
Writing Newsletters on Notd Is Simply Better

How many $5/month newsletter subscriptions do you have? Or $40/year magazine subscriptions? Not that many, right? Because it all adds up. That’s why, on Substack, only writers who already have a large fan base are making significant money.

Notd uses micro-subscriptions, as little as one cent per month. You set your own price for a monthly or annual subscription and keep 90% of that revenue – without paying any credit card fees. You can adjust that price up (or down), depending on what the market will bear. If your writing is good and you set a reasonable price, you’ll end up with more subscribers – and more money.

Notd goes beyond emailing newsletters, helping you to grow your audience by making it part of our public network on our website and our app. Readers use filters to search the topics that most interest them, and they discover new writers and topics along the way.

If you charge for your newsletter, you can still make up to 25% of your posts free to read to entice new readers. We also help you market your newsletter with short, custom URLs that you can send to family, friends, “friends of friends” – you get it. 😉

And of course, there are tons of Notd features you won’t find elsewhere, including the ability to use high-resolution photos, create newsletter podcasts, edit already-published notes, and debate readers in real time. We also offer Community Streams (both public and private), where every subscriber is a community member and can post and comment. Notd has incredible flexibility, and the opportunities are endless.

And throughout Notd, there are no advertisements, no algorithms pushing someone else’s agenda, and no data capture to share with third parties. It’s a truly honest transaction.

You publish each newsletter as a Note on your Stream. Notd uses Transact micro-payments, and we give everyone who creates an account a $3 Transact credit, which they can use to subscribe to your stream.

Check out our simple, step-by-step instructions, and get started now!

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