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Read more about Notd for writers, podcasts, newsletters, publishers,...
Read more about Notd for writers, podcasts, newsletters, publishers,...
Notd for writers, podcasts, newsletters, publishers,...

On Notd, people subscribe to streams of text, images, or audio (yes, podcasts). Subscribers can access all of the notes (our word for posts) in a stream directly on Notd, or receive them via email (if you prefer newsletters).

You can easily monetize your stream (or not). You set the price for a monthly or annual subscription, and keep at least 80% of the revenue. Our payment system allows subscriptions as cheap as 1 cent per month. And we don’t have ads, so subscribers only see or hear what you tell them.

Using Notd is easier than creating your own blog or newsletter, and lets publishers experiment with subscriptions for things like hyper-local news, specific topics, editorial columns, or individual sections. Getting started literally takes a few minutes.

Notd provides writers tools not available anywhere else, like annotation that lets you add “hover-notes0"that expand on or document a sentence.

And threading notes (of any length) is easy, even if you write your follow-up note a week later.

Debating or interviewing someone in your stream? Their notes are in-line with yours, in the correct sequence, and not in the comments section.

You can even have a team of writers contributing to one stream (or have several streams, each requiring their own subscription). We call this feature “Teams”.

Will people pay? Yes, because you have something worth more than what an advertiser says it's worth. Subscribing takes only a few seconds. Plus new users get $3 in free credit, which they can use to discover the streams that interest them.

Speaking of discovery, we don’t have algorithms that tell people what to see next. We have these powerful filters that let you search by category, subject, format, location

And without ads popping up, reading your stories is more enjoyable, whether on a phone or a monitor, or in email.

Subscribers can see what notes are new with a global notification on the website or app, so they're not constantly being pinged with messages about new notes.

Photographers and photojournalists can take advantage of high res photos and the ability to write appropriately long descriptions and charge for it.

Groups can create private or public Community streams, where every subscriber is a member and can post notes, and there are no advertisers targeting them based on what they write.

We have to mention how great a stream looks on mobile devices, especially the iPad. People will think the iPad was created to read news on Notd. {iPad screenshot}

When people pay even small amounts of money for content, it will change the web. Most things not worth paying for will congeal in one corner of the web. {a photo of something disgusting}

You won't have to charge much to replace the ad revenue from the things you give away for “free”, as ads don't really generate much revenue.

Notd is ready to change web, but we can't do it by ourselves. If you write, talk, or take photos, you can help start the transition, and it won't cost you anything.