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Read more about How Writers Make More Money with Notd
Read more about How Writers Make More Money with Notd
How Writers Make More Money with Notd

Notd was built to help you publish and earn revenue from blogs and newsletters. Monetizing is easy, whether you have an existing fan base or are just starting out.

• Write Notes (posts) regularly. Any topic, any length. Add photos if you like, even hi-res.

• Charge readers whatever you want for a monthly or annual subscription.

• Notd collects payments using the Transact micropayment system.

• You get 90% of the revenue once a Stream reaches $10 total revenue.

Writers and publishers can create team accounts, essentially bundling subscriptions together in a single stream (like a newspaper or magazine), which would justify a higher subscription rate.

Readers love that we never capture their personal data, use algorithms to boost certain posts, or show any ads (which is why our pages load so quickly). We even give new users $3 in free credit to try out multiple streams. (Our low-cost subscription model is especially attractive compared to Substack’s $5/month charge per-subscription.)

Readers can comment on your Stream, and you can even debate readers in real time. Fortunately, we have rules that do a good job of minimizing abuse. (Most trolls won’t pay for content, anyway.)

Sound too good to be true? Not really. As a public Benefit Corporation, we prioritize social and environmental values over shareholder returns. This also makes Notd an excellent tool for non-profits to raise funds while also educating people about their cause.

Notd gives the power back to the writers and readers — where it belongs.

Check out more of our unique advantages and let those creative juices flow! Create a free account and start posting today.

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Kaleb Massey2 months ago

In the dynamic world of blogging, understanding your territory and knowing how to craft compelling content is as crucial as delivering valuable insights. The blogosphere is vast and diverse, demanding a strategic approach to the content you create for your audience. From grasping the nuances of your blogging landscape to mastering the art of storytelling, giving priority to rigorous research and fact-checking, SEO optimizing your content, and actively promoting engagement - this journey covers all. This discourse aims to guide bloggers, new and seasoned, on how to carve a distinct place in their chosen niche, boost visibility, and significantly increase reader engagement.<br /><br />Understanding the Blogging Landscape<br /><br />Understanding the Blogging Landscape<br /><br />In order to create a blog post that resonates with your audience and outshines the competition, it`s critical to first grasp a thorough understanding of your blogging landscape. It means you need to deeply delve into the specific niche you are catering to, its audience, the tone they prefer, the content style that intrigues them, and the topics that pique their interest. By understanding this landscape, you provide a relevant and meaningful context to your blog ideas that would naturally attract your audience.<br /><br />Importance of Audience Perception<br /><br />A blog post is only as successful as its reception by the audience. Pay attention to what type of content resonates well with your audience. This could range from informative pieces, personal anecdotes, how-to guides, or responsive feedback on popular cultural events. A thorough understanding of this can shape the direction of your content creation, helping to ensure your blog posts are engaging, shareable and stand out amongst the multitude of posts in your niche.<br /><br />Content Style and Language<br /><br />The value of content style and language cannot be understated in the blogging realm. It is important to observe successful blogs in your niche and take note of their content style and language. Are they formal or casual? Do they use industry jargon or layman terms? This understanding can help you craft your blog in a language that is appealing and comprehensible to your target audience, significantly boosting its viewership and engagement.<br /><br />Drawing Inspiration<br /><br />To be clear, the goal is not to imitate successful blogs but to derive inspiration and learn from their experiences. Look at the various topics they have covered, the writing style they have employed, the tone they have maintained, and the audience’s response to their content. Use this vast pool of knowledge to shape a unique voice for your blog that is both fresh and familiar to your audience. This way, you can ensure your blog post is original yet conforms to the expectations and preferences of your target audience.<br /><br />End Goal<br /><br />With every idea for a blog post, always keep in mind the end goal - to engage your audience, foster a community and build a strong online presence in your niche. By understanding your blogging landscape and taking cues from successful blogs, you can craft blog posts that not only reflect your unique voice but cater precisely to the interests and expectations of your target audience.

Monir Yousuf
Monir Yousuf22 days ago

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NAEEM SHAH2 months ago


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Mohammed Fayaz16 days ago

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Nathan Stelly15 days ago

The meaning of winter by nathan. In winter`s embrace, a tale unfolds,<br />Where nature`s beauty, in stillness, beholds.<br />A season of whispers, a hushed symphony,<br />Winter`s meaning, a profound mystery.<br /><br />Beneath the snow, secrets lie in slumber,<br />A dormant world, awaiting its number.<br />A time for reflection, a chance to renew,<br />Winter`s meaning, a rebirth in view.<br /><br />The air, crisp and cold, a gentle reminder,<br />Of life`s fragility, a fleeting timer.<br />Yet amidst the chill, a warmth can be found,<br />Winter`s meaning, love`s hearth, tightly bound.<br /><br />The trees stand bare, stripped of their attire,<br />A lesson in letting go, a soul`s desire.<br />For in shedding the old, new growth takes flight,<br />Winter`s meaning, shedding darkness, embracing light.<br /><br />The nights grow longer, the days shorter still,<br />A reminder to cherish, to savor each thrill.<br />For time, like snowflakes, melts away too fast,<br />Winter`s meaning, moments cherished, meant to last.<br /><br />And as the snowflakes dance, in graceful descent,<br />A reminder of life`s delicate intent.<br />Each flake unique, yet part of a grand design,<br />Winter`s meaning, unity in diversity, so fine.<br /><br />So let us embrace this season`s embrace,<br />Find solace in stillness, in winter`s grace.<br />For within its depths, a meaning we`ll find,<br />Winter`s meaning, a journey of heart and mind.

mirica cook2 days ago



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