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Notd Notes

Notd NotesApr 06, 2021

Notd is a new kind of public media network that does not rely on ads. Anyone can publish a stream for free, and readers create their own customized publication by subscribing to individual streams. Stream owners can charge for subscriptions, and keep 90% of the revenue (if they charge at least 10 cents per month). Many streams cost only one cent per month, and often have excerpts that are free to read. Since new users get $3 in free credit, you can check out most streams without even providing a credit card.

What Makes Notd Unique?

While Notd was created to help publishers offer subscriptions to just sections of news, its versatile design makes it a great place to reach a wide audience. And we don't have ads, so that changes a lot. Here are some of the reasons why you should try out Notd (it doesn't cost anything to try it).

Looking For a Way to Monetize Your Podcasts Without Ads?

Do you create a podcast every week (or more often) and need a way to monetize it without embedding ads in them? Notd lets you offer subscriptions to podcasts, along with their transcripts if you want, without creating a website or getting a deal with a streaming service that will give you a fraction of a fraction of their revenue, according to a formula that works best for their most popular podcasters. It doesn't cost anything to create an account on Notd to offer subscriptions to your podcasts - read the whole note.

Why Settle for Just an Email Newsletter?

Many writers are trying out email newsletters to monetize their work. While this could work out well for some of them, relying on email as the only distribution channel limits their audience, and potentially, their revenue. Also, some newsletter services have minimum subscription rates so high that most writers will not attract many subscribers.

World News from News Plexus

World News from News PlexusApr 19, 2021

The latest world news presented in easy to read streams of notes by News Plexus LLC, as reported by the Associated Press.

Progress in Iran nuclear talks but resolution still far away

High-level talks in Vienna aimed at bringing the United States back into the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran are moving ahead with experts working on drafting proposals this week, but a solution remains “far away,” Russia's delegate said Monday.

EU warns "spark" could set of escalation at Ukraine borders

The European Union's foreign policy chief said Monday that in the face of the big military buildup of Russian troops near Ukraine's borders, it will only take “a spark” to set off a confrontation.

Myanmar junta cracks down on celebrations of new shadow govt

Security forces in Myanmar used violence on Monday against demonstrators who sought to celebrate last week’s formation of a shadow government to serve as an alternative to the military junta that has held power since a February coup.

Science & Technology

Science & TechnologyApr 17, 2021

The latest in science and technology news || News Plexus LLC — delivering your news in a convenient, AD-FREE and easy-to-read stream.

NASA's Mars helicopter takes flight, 1st for another planet

NASA’s experimental helicopter Ingenuity rose into the thin air above the dusty red surface of Mars on Monday, achieving the first powered flight by an aircraft on another planet.

American, 2 Russians return to Earth from space station

An American astronaut and two Russians have returned to Earth after six months aboard the International Space Station.

SpaceX picked for moonwalkers, on verge of 3rd crew launch

NASA chose SpaceX on Friday to build the lunar lander that will eventually put the first woman and person of color on the moon.

Headline Stories

Headline StoriesApr 20, 2021

All the big news of the day, at home and around the world. From News Plexus LLC — delivering your news in a convenient, ad-free and easy-to-read stream.

Feds weighing how to respond after verdict in Chauvin trial

The Biden administration is privately weighing how to handle the upcoming verdict in the trial of former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin, including considering whether President Joe Biden should address the nation and dispatching specially trained community facilitators from the Justice Department, aides and officials told The Associated Press. Closing arguments began Monday in Chauvin’s trial with a prosecutor telling jurors that the officer “had to know” he was squeezing the life out of George Floyd as he cried over and over that he couldn’t breathe and finally fell silent. Chauvin faces murder and manslaughter charges.

Walter Mondale, Carter's vice president, dies at 93

Former Vice President Walter F. Mondale, a liberal icon who lost one of the most lopsided presidential elections after bluntly telling voters to expect a tax increase if he won, died Monday. He was 93. The death of the former senator, ambassador and Minnesota attorney general was announced in a statement from his family. No cause was cited.

Medical ruling: Capitol cop Sicknick died of natural causes

Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, who was injured while confronting rioters during the Jan. 6 insurrection, suffered a stroke and died from natural causes, the Washington, D.C., medical examiner's office ruled Monday, a finding that lessens the chances that anyone will be charged in his death. Investigators initially believed the officer was hit in the head with a fire extinguisher, based on statements collected early in the investigation, according to two people familiar with the case. And they later thought the 42-year-old Sicknick may have ingested a chemical substance — possibly bear spray — that may have contributed to his death.

News You Missed

News You MissedApr 20, 2021

News stories that flew under the radar. Impress your friends with your knowledge of important events that were eclipsed by Trump's tweets, the 2020 election or the latest mass shooting. From News Plexus LLC — delivering your news in a convenient, ad-free and easy-to-read stream.

Fire on Cape Town's Table Mountain under control, smoldering

Firefighters in Cape Town finally brought a wildfire under control Monday after it swept across the slopes of the city's famed Table Mountain, burning the university's historic library and forcing the evacuation of some neighborhoods. The smoldering fire is being watched for flareups amid high winds and hot, dry conditions.

Sale of Chinese painting shows art value rising in pandemic

A Chinese painting from 1924 is expected to fetch at least $45 million in an auction in Hong Kong, as collectors' appetite for art continues to rise even amid economic uncertainty brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. The painting by influential Chinese modern artist Xu Beihong depicts a slave hiding in a cave and a lion. It is based thematically from ancient Roman mythology and Aesop's Fables, according to Christie's auction house, which unveiled the painting Monday.

Australia-New Zealand travel bubble brings relief, elation

Elation marked the opening Monday of a long-anticipated travel bubble between Australia and New Zealand. The start of quarantine-free travel was a relief for families who have been separated by the coronavirus pandemic as well as to struggling tourist operators. It marked the first, tentative steps toward what both countries hope will become a gradual reopening to the rest of the world.

US News from News Plexus

US News from News PlexusApr 19, 2021

The latest US news stories from the Associated Press. Instead of navigating the AP website, we present the articles as an easy-to-read stream, whether on your computer, phone, or tablet.

The 12 jurors deliberating in the trial of Derek Chauvin

The jury deliberating in the trial of Derek Chauvin, a former Minneapolis police officer charged in George Floyd 's death, is a racially diverse group that pledged before testimony began that they could set aside any preconceptions and decide the case based on the evidence.

Murder case against ex-cop in Floyd's death goes to the jury

The murder case against former Officer Derek Chauvin in the death of George Floyd went to the jury Monday in a city on edge against another round of unrest like the one that erupted last year over the harrowing video of Chauvin with his knee on the Black man's neck.

Ex-Texas deputy accused of killing 3 found after manhunt

A former Texas sheriff's deputy was booked on a capital murder charge Monday after police say he shot and killed his ex-wife, teenage stepdaughter and another man during a weekend shooting that shut down a busy Austin shopping area and set off an overnight manhunt.

New York State Government

New York State GovernmentApr 19, 2021

Local coverage of what's going on in New York state's Democrat-led government.

New York AG investigating Cuomo's use of aides on book

New York’s attorney general is investigating whether Gov. Andrew Cuomo broke the law by having members of his staff help write and promote his pandemic leadership book.

State's own expert told grand jury police didn't kill Prude

Prosecutors overseeing a grand jury investigation into the death of Daniel Prude last year in Rochester, New York, undercut the case for criminal charges with testimony from a medical expert who said three police officers who held Prude to the ground until he stopped breathing didn’t do anything wrong.

Cuomo retreats from open news briefings that made him a star

New York’s governor gained national attention last spring, and won an International Emmy, for daily, televised news briefings at which he answered barrages of questions from journalists about the COVID-19 pandemic. But lately, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has shied away from coming face to face with reporters as sexual harassment allegations against him have mounted.

Climate & Environment

Climate & EnvironmentApr 20, 2021

The latest news on the environment and global climate change, the impact it is having on communities everywhere, and what is being done (or not being done) to save the planet.

Biden's virtual climate summit: Diplomacy sans human touch

There will be no hands to shake or backs to slap, no way to look a foreign leader in the eye. The small human moments that define statecraft will be reduced to images on a screen. President Joe Biden, a most hands-on politician, this week will host a major climate summit with dozens of world leaders — all of them stuck on Zoom.

Miners' union backs shift from coal in exchange for jobs

The nation's largest coal miners' union said Monday it would accept President Joe Biden's plan to move away from coal and other fossil fuels in exchange for a “true energy transition" that includes thousands of jobs in renewable energy and spending on technology to make coal cleaner. Cecil Roberts, president of the United Mine Workers of America, said ensuring jobs for displaced miners — including 7,000 coal workers who lost their jobs last year — is crucial to any infrastructure bill taken up by Congress.

Biden feels heat on emissions goal as climate summit nears

As President Joe Biden convenes a virtual climate summit on Thursday with 40 world leaders, he faces a vexing task: how to put forward a nonbinding but symbolic goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that will have a tangible impact on climate change efforts not only in the U.S. but throughout the world. The emissions target, eagerly awaited by all sides of the climate debate, will signal how aggressively Biden wants to move on climate change, a divisive and expensive issue that has riled Republicans to complain about job-killing government overreach even as some on the left worry Biden has not gone far enough to address a profound threat to the planet.