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What Can The Brewers Expect From Jackie Bradley Jr?

Mar 10, 2021
Lets look at what we can expect from Jackie Bradley Jr.......

Brewers Still Interested In Justin Turner Will They Be Able To Add Him

Feb 12, 2021
Justin Turner is still a free agent and the Milwaukee Brewers are hoping to sign him to a contract......

Brewers Sign Kolten Wong To Improve Infield Defense

Feb 04, 2021
Kolton Wong was a good pickup for the Milwaukee Brewers and a defensive guy that only makes the team better......

Brewers Back There Way Into The Playoffs With A Losing Record

Sep 27, 2020
The Milwaukee Brewers are in the playoffs with a losing record but it's still a playoff spot.......

In Reality Milwaukee Brewers Making The Playoffs Will Just Be For Show

Sep 22, 2020
The Milwaukee Brewers still has a chance to make the playoffs, but if they do it will mostly be for show......

Sixto Lezcano More Then Just A Role Player In His Time As A Major Leaguer

Mar 26, 2020
Sixto Lezcano Is A Name Most Milwaukee Brewers Die Hard Fans will remember as one hard nose never give up player....

Mark Brouhard A Player Who Was Never Given A Real Shot To Show What He Could Do

Mar 21, 2020
Many People May Not Remember Mark Brouhard But He Was A Talented Player Whose Career Should Have Been Much Bigger Then It Was.....

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