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A demo stream, written by Lawrence Frisco, of course not a real name, but because we don't like Lorum Ipsum, the notes are based on real ideas.
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Why are so few doses of the covid vaccine being used?

Jan 13, 2021
The last time I checked, about one third of all covid vaccine doses that have been distributed to doctors, hospital, and clinics have actually been used. WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR? The vaccine is useless in the vials. Sure, it makes sense to prioritize who gets the vaccine, but if it can't be done perfectly, it doesn't mean the vaccines shouldn't be used ASAP.

The Inherent Moral Hazard of the Health Insurance Industry

May 02, 2018
The health insurance industry is inefficient and doesn't cover everyone, and it's designed to be that way. Publicly owned companies are programmed to grow profits, and for health insurers, that means their goals are not aligned with the people they insure

A Health Care Plan for Everyone

May 02, 2018
If we agree that the nation needs a way to ensure all citizens have access to affordable health care, then we are saying everyone must be able to afford it. Because health care can be very expensive, and many (tens of millions) of people do not make very much money, "afford" becomes meaningless if you say everyone can afford it. So here is the outline of a plan that guarantees that anyone who wants health care can get it. Here are the key goals it will accomplish: Everyone gets all the health care they want Gives individuals control over their health care Reduces regulations on insurance companies Provides incentives for managing personal health, nation is healthier Minimizes overall spending on health care in U.S. Federal and state spending is reduced

If States Can Form A Super Lottery, Why Not Super Health Insurance?

May 02, 2018
Many states work together to create Power Ball, a jumbo lottery where people in up to 36 states can buy tickets to win a massive prize. What about the inverse, where multiple states join together to offer single payer health insurance? Residents in any of the participating states could get health care in any of the states, paid by a fund that is financed by taxes in the participating states

Health Insurance is Really Health Care Financing

May 02, 2018
While health insurance is technically “insurance”, it’s not the same thing as car insurance or homeowner’s insurance. Most people’s houses don’t burn down or even get burglarized, and not everyone gets into car crashes. But everyone needs health care. It’s not a question of if you will have health care expenses, just when. So health insurance isn’t about covering an expense that may or may not happen, it’s more about spreading the cost of a lifetime of health care over a lifetime.

Everyone in Great Nations Gets Health Care

May 02, 2018
A great nation in 2018 provides health care for their citizens. It's not 1917 or 1817, where just making enough money to eat and live indoors consumed most income, or when there wasn't really much medical care available. The cost of food and housing has decreased over the last two centuries, so more income is available for health care. Advances in automation means more resources (labor = money) are available for other expenditures, like health care. But even if you don't care about being part of a great nation, there are so many reasons why just about everyone should want a national health care system. The odds are against you having enough money saved up, even if you worked 60 hours per week for forty years, to pay for your medical care after you retire.