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Read more about Notd's Unique Features
Read more about Notd's Unique Features
Notd's Unique Features

Notd’s network has dozens of unique features, all designed specifically to benefit writers and news publishers. Whether you cover local news or want to discuss the physics of the multiverse, there’s a place for you to write and a great way for readers to find you.

Notd is different than anything that’s come before. Let’s start with what we don’t do.

We never:

• charge writers to post.

• accept advertising.

• capture personal information.

• promote misinformation.

Philosophically, we’re against all that, so we’re trying to change the game.

So, what does Notd do? We:

• host a free publishing network.

• help writers who want to make money through low-cost subscriptions.

• help them find new audiences via intelligent search functions.

• offer incredible flexibility in content creation and distribution.

At Notd, readers don't “follow” or “like” you; they subscribe to your Stream(s). Each post in a Stream is called a Note, which can be any length. And for just pennies (or nickels …), readers can subscribe to multiple streams and customize their feed.

We also don't “boost” Notes or Streams. Instead, we make it easy for readers to discover new content by filtering Notes by subject (ex: sports, Los Angeles, technology, global warming, real estate) and category (ex: news, opinion, ideas, reviews).

See how Notd works.

A few other of our many unique features includes Team Streams, where multiple people write for a single subscription (like a magazine), and Community Streams, where group members can post or comment on a specific topic. Community Streams can be public or private (via invitation).

Want more? How the ability to use high-res photos, annotate posts, edit Notes you’ve already published, and create shareable, custom URLS for Notes and Streams? The list goes on. Here’s how we compare.

The best way to explore our features is to dive in and create your first Stream.

Notd uses Transact for micropayments. Sign up today and Transact will give you a $3 credit to use for your own Notd subscriptions!

See our helpful tips for publishing on Notd, and ask us anything at

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