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I've been living in Spain for over 15 years, and here I can share some helpful information.
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Modelo 720: Declaring foreign assets outside of Spain

Feb 28, 2021
If you have foreign assets outside of Spain in excess of €50,000 you may have to file the Modelo 720 (Form 720) each year prior to March 31st. There are no taxes associated with Modelo 720, it's only an informative filing. There are fees and fines for incorrect or late filing. The €50K asset limit applies to three separate categories: Cash / Bank accounts, real-estate, and brokerage accounts. The filing is due each year prior to March 31st. In some was this is the Spanish version of the US FBAR.

Obtain a digital certificate in Spain

Feb 07, 2021
Once you've been in Spain for a while, you'll eventually have to deal with the government. Obtaining a digital certificate can be worth while to allow you to do many things online such as: Filing taxes, user authentication on government websites, social security information, signing documents, dealing traffic fines, and much more. Usually it make sense to do this after you're legally resident and have the NIE (Foreign Identification number) done. You can obtain a personal digital certificate, or also certificates for companies or other legal entities. Here I'll outline the steps necessary.