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Progress in Iran nuclear talks but resolution still far away

Apr 19, 2021
High-level talks in Vienna aimed at bringing the United States back into the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran are moving ahead with experts working on drafting proposals this week, but a solution remains “far away,” Russia's delegate said Monday.

EU warns "spark" could set of escalation at Ukraine borders

Apr 19, 2021
The European Union's foreign policy chief said Monday that in the face of the big military buildup of Russian troops near Ukraine's borders, it will only take “a spark” to set off a confrontation.

Myanmar junta cracks down on celebrations of new shadow govt

Apr 19, 2021
Security forces in Myanmar used violence on Monday against demonstrators who sought to celebrate last week’s formation of a shadow government to serve as an alternative to the military junta that has held power since a February coup.

Greens bid for German chancellery as Merkel's bloc squabbles

Apr 19, 2021
Germany’s environmentalist Greens announced Monday that co-leader Annalena Baerbock will make the party's first bid for the chancellery in the September national election, while Chancellor Angela Merkel’s center-right bloc was mired in a power struggle.

India's capital to lock down amid explosive virus surge

Apr 19, 2021
New Delhi imposed a weeklong lockdown Monday night to prevent the collapse of the Indian capital's health system, which authorities said had been pushed to its limit amid an explosive surge in coronavirus cases.

Rwanda report blames France for 'enabling' the 1994 genocide

Apr 19, 2021
The French government bears “significant” responsibility for “enabling a foreseeable genocide,” a report commissioned by the Rwandan government concludes about France’s role before and during the horror in which an estimated 800,000 people were slaughtered in 1994.

Australia-New Zealand travel bubble opens with joy, tears

Apr 19, 2021
Elation and relief marked the opening of a long-anticipated travel bubble between Australia and New Zealand at the Wellington Airport on Monday. Children held balloons and banners and Indigenous Maori performers welcomed the arrivals home with songs.

Egypt says 11 killed in train crash north of Cairo

Apr 19, 2021
A passenger train derailed Sunday north of Cairo, killing at least 11 people, Egyptian authorities said. It was the latest of several rail accidents to hit the country in recent years.

Refugees win rare victory in landmark Serbia pushback ruling

Apr 18, 2021
The Balkan country's Constitutional Court ruled in December that the border control officers unlawfully deported the refugees and violated their rights. The court also ordered Serbian authorities to pay the 17 members of the group who brought the lawsuit 1,000 euros ($1,180) each in compensation.

Macron says nations must 'define red lines' with Russia

Apr 18, 2021
French President Emmanuel Macron says that while dialogue with Russia is essential, “clear red lines” carrying possible sanctions must also be drawn with Moscow over Ukraine.