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Streets Closed to Cars, Open to Pedestrians

Jul 18, 2020
5 miles of roads on the Eastside of Santa Barbara have been blocked off to motor vehicles. This is part of the city’s efforts to promote alternative transportation options, such as biking and walking, across the city.

Teen Designs COVID-19 Golfing Equipment

Jul 18, 2020
Golf courses have opened during the COVID-19 pandemic, and Santa Barbara resident Stephen Homer, age 16, designed a product with his 3D printer to help golfers play more safely. The use of a hole cover has been used by many golf courses this year to prevent golfers from placing their hands in each hole to retrieve their golf ball.

Ban on Work Visas Interrupts Local Tech Industry

Jul 18, 2020
Leaders from the technical industry across the country have been critical of Donald Trump’s recent decision to ban work visas through the remainder of the year. Tech employers say they recruit employees with work visas for positions not filled by U.S. workers, and tech businesses in Santa Barbara are no exception.

2020 County Fair Canceled

Jul 18, 2020
The 2020 Santa Barbara County Fair has been canceled. Members of the Fair Board held out on their decision until this week, as they continued to monitor the COVID-19 situation. Ultimately, they say the health and safety of their exhibitors, staff, and visitors must come first in the face of this difficult decision.

Police Dept. Defends Acquisition of Surplus Weapons

Jul 18, 2020
With a surge of heightened public scrutiny regarding our country’s policing systems, it should come as no surprise that many have been digging deeper into the Santa Barbara Police Department’s local practices. According to a public inventory in 2019, the Department purchased multiple rifles and military-style equipment from the Pentagon’s surplus program.

Community Band To Play Summer Concert Parade

Jul 10, 2020
The Carpinteria Community Band’s annual Summer Swing Concert may not exist as originally planned, but even COVID-19 can’t stop the music. The band will be playing in a parade through town. Members will ride on flat trailers and will be positioned six feet apart. Audience members are asked to practice social distancing as they sit along the parade route to enjoy the music.

County Unemployment Rises Dramatically

Jun 23, 2020
Santa Barbara County unemployment rose to 13.7% this past week as people continue to file for unemployment due to COVID-19’s impact on local businesses.