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Aug 13, 2018
Feelings can hurt alot or be something special.......

Tom Uttech’s Nin Mamakadendam Art Review

May 28, 2020
Here I review one of Wisconsin's land painter known for his surreal landscapes. As a artist myself, I must learn how to interpret and analyze elements in a composition. I chose to analyze Tom Uttech's painting Nin Mamakadendam because at a time like this, it is very ironic and connects to our current situation.


Aug 02, 2018
Nature has so much to offer us. It gives us a glimpse into many things. Some we understand some we do not.


Aug 01, 2018
Feelings can be good bad or indifferent. This poem touches some of them!

My Daughter

Aug 08, 2018
My Daughter is a poem about the love people have for their children.......