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Online resources for Taking the Test

Oct 20, 2018
The most important things to remember when taking these tests is that they are only as accurate as you are honest. Do your best to answer the questions as truly as you can to how you are, not how you’ve been or how you want to be, or how you would like to be perceived. For example, if you have a short temper, but hide it really well, or it doesn’t manifest in outbursts, you still have a short temper, whether or not people perceive you that way. Also, be gracious with yourself, the heart of it is greater self-awareness, even if it’s painful, or hard to admit. Many people don’t see themselves for how they truly are, and may need help with that, which is another reason why the Enneagram is such a great tool. Sometimes you might honestly not know the answer to a question, and that’s okay, too. In those cases just go with your gut. Whichever answer sits better with you, or felt the most true when you first read it, is most likely the ‘right’ one. This test is not a matter of ‘rights or wrongs,’ and no personality type is better than another, so just do your best, and retake it if you want! Have fun with it. And I am so happy to answer more questions.